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As the name suggests this piece was modelled on the simple forms of a bird feather. The outline is familiar but the cuts are perhaps less obvious. They describe the joints between the individual filaments that create a subtle S double curve. Here they are exaggerated slightly to allow light and colour to pass through.


The standard material is mild steel, which will be galvanised to protect it from corrosion before being painted in RAL silver. You may choose to have the inside surfaces painted with a RAL colour of your choice.

Alternatively, as your sculpture will be made to order, you can customise the finish at extra cost. You could choose to have the piece made from marine grade stainless steel and polished to reveal the mirror like finish. Once again the internal surface can be painted with a RAL colour of your choice.

Why not have a unique design created especially for you? This is reassuringly expensive but bespoke usually is. At least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your design will be one of a kind.



The Obelisk has a standard height of two metres with a circumference at the widest point of 700mm. Other sizes can be specified. Please call to discuss your requirements.