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Garden sculptures

These garden sculptures are created using harsh, cold and rigid man made materials into which are cut the flowing forms of nature and yet they sit harmoniously within almost any garden scheme. The intention is to form a union between the piece and its environment not just in the appearance but also in a dynamic manner too. To this end the foils are designed to appear light, almost wafer like, with just enough built in flex to enable them to sway gently in the breeze yet strong enough to maintain the form.


The Dome sculptures are both decorative and practical. Their patterns are inspired by the simple shapes and structures seen within plants and nature. Once joined together, the foils themselves represent an inverted six petalled flower with a central boss.

The patterns cut into the foil create a mesmerising effect when a moving cloudscape is observed through the openings – just make sure you are seated at the time!

The dome can be installed as a stand alone sculptural statement piece or put to a practical use to provide partial shade cover for your favourite seating area.
For added sun protection, you could incorporate the semi opaque silver sails which form a web between the foils.





Some flower buds stand upright with their petals held tightly together, before swelling and falling open as typified by the Lily. The obelisk reflects this early stage, forming a tight ovoid cluster of six foils swelling at their centre.

Despite the rigid nature of steel these foils are designed to flex gently with the breeze. Add to that, the reflective properties of the polished stainless steel options, which will change continuously with the environment, and these pieces are much more dynamic than first appearance may suggest. Adding base light will add yet another dimension to these pieces at night, when the internal colour becomes the feature only visible through the cuts of the front foils.